About Us

We're delighted to share our passion for Judaica with Jewish communities all around the world! Our passion for Jewish culture and pride in the special symbolism of these unique pieces has inspired us to start a small, family-run business that specializes in creating beautiful, handmade works of art.

We are extremely proud to provide unique, handmade items of exceptional beauty and quality. From Mezuzahs and beyond, we also strive to help strengthen people's connection with their faith through this timeless art form - offering every piece as an opportunity for its recipient to feel proud being a part of Judaism.

We hope to bring joy and connection into the lives of Jewish communities around the world. Our Mezuzahs are sure to be beautiful reminders that you'll cherish forever - individually designed for each customer with special meaning behind it all. - Love it, Value it and Feel Proud!


Alon N. - Lead Artist, Designer

In 2018, Alon discovered a newfound passion for Epoxy Resin and turned it into a hobby while creating a few furniture and decorative pieces for his new home. When Covid-19 hit in 2020, it opened up an opportunity to dedicate time to learning more about the craft. Alon then decided to transition away from being a CEO of a Retail Chain and invested his time in developing his ideas and creations with epoxy resin. He now finds joy in creating products that he loves while also utilizing this venture as a way to give back through fundraising and donations towards his local community and other causes close to his heart.


Adi N. - Marketing & Sales Director

With a wealth of experience in marketing, Adi has been instrumental in building and optimizing the business channels for her husband Alon's takes on artistic pursuits. Together they are pushing into new frontiers creatively, innovatively adapting to an ever-evolving world.


Jonathan N. - The Boss

At the tender age of 4, Jonathan is a true leader of our team. He has proven capable to take charge and assign tasks with utmost efficiency, and fierce commanding skills - from overseeing schedules to managing photography lighting and placements. Jonathan’s natural leadership qualities lend a unique advantage to our team, although at times testing many of our thresholds!


Joy N. - Creative & Inspiration Director

At the young age of three, Joy has an impressive knack for artistry. Joy has shown exceptional skill when it comes to producing pieces that are vibrant in color and full of life. With her eye-catching color palettes and creative charm selection, she adds a unique spark to every one of our pieces and ensures every piece speaks with its own unique voice - if it's uninspired there's something missing: Joy!